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__Blast By Attrib HDA__ [youtu.be]

Hello everyone, this is my entry for the SideFX Labs Tech Art Challenge 2022.
I have a very simple but handy-to-me HDA called "Blast By Attrib".

It does what it says, sometimes we need to split an incoming model into pieces by attributes present.

This hda takes any attribute, either it be primitive or point attribute and blasts the model by those. Also creates a switch node to look through the newly created pieces.
There's an option to create a file cache or an fbx rop in case if you wanna save them to disc.

Thank you! Hope the tool helps someone.

Network service crashed forerever Aug. 9, 2022, 1:57 a.m.

Hope this helps anyone, I removed the desktop folder from documents/houdini19.5 folder and worked for me, needed to create new desktops after that though.

I've just tried that and the error keeps poping up.
I'm using 19.0.622

Ah, worked for me, try to rename the houdini19.5 folder to houdini19.5_old or something and start houdini, this should start a fresh houdini and create a new houdini19.5 folder there. If all is okay then there's something wrong with your houdini19.5 folder, I've found the desktop thing this way, maybe something else is creating your issue in that folder.