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C4D R20 announcement reactions Aug. 4, 2018, 10:16 p.m.

Cinema 4d is not known for its rigging. Many users switched to using Cactus Dan’s plugins due to issues with the native system. It is true that xpresso works well with rigs and there are a lot of auto rigs available, but it has issues with joint bends, gimbal locking, tying morph deformation to bends, etc. I don’t know how Houdini tools compare, but Maya is far ahead.

Still, this is a big release for Maxon and will allow many to create complex motion graphics fairly easily. Nodal textures are a step forward, so long as you are using the physical renderer that comes with C4D.

I have found complex rigs in C4D to be pretty slow, and I don’t see that particular issue resolved in this update. There is supposed to be a fix on PSD morphs with the upcoming release.

Cinema 4D is impressive both for its ease of use and stability. In those two areas, it reigns supreme.

C4D R20 announcement reactions Aug. 3, 2018, 1:56 p.m.

I would guess that this would not entice any Houdini users towards C4D, as most of the new features are in nodal materials and motion graphics - something that Houdini has had for years. The deficiencies that continue in C4D (inability to alter properties of polygons, points, vertices, and edges) at a low level, the lack of UV tools, lack of fluids and particles without plugins, etc. would make it a step backwards. C4D still benefits from a lot of third party software (for rendering, materials, particles, fluids, UV mapping, character rigging, etc) to be useful, unlike Houdini. It seems like the major benefit in C4D is motion graphics for people who don't want to do any coding and ease of use for people just starting in 3D. For people who are used to programming in Houdini, I don't see this getting any notice. Most likely, people new to 3D software and those who are dabbling in it for After Effects use, the new C4D would be an exciting release. Although people on the C4D forums seem to think Houdini is a good program for someone unwilling to learn VEX, I don't think that is true. As a relatively new user of Houdini myself, I am still faster modeling in other programs, but everytime I learn something in Houdini in a project, I can reuse this for other projects. I see a better path (and less expensive one) in Houdini indie.

Houdini 16 hotkey / shortcut list July 31, 2018, 9:28 p.m.

Here is a printable version. I changed a few keystrokes, because on my iMac with the most recent OSX, a few commands using the CMD key in the pdf above are really assigned to the CTRL key.