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hwebserver: how to redirect POST request? June 22, 2023, 8:58 a.m.

Hi Matt,

That's because I'm trying to implement something like microservices. One server that people communicate to, which decides what needs to be done, redirects to a proper server that runs the task. So I have at least two separate hython processes.

The manager server receives a POST request from the client. The manager decides this job has to be nadled by the worker server, so it redirects to a different server (which can be the same machine, but doesn't have to). But once the request is received by a worker server, the request.method() is GET.

I can work with GET, but then the manager server has to besically take everything in request.body(), convert to a query string. Because the worker needs instructions on what to do. And depends on how much data is in the request.body() I might run out of characters in the url (I think the limit is 2048).

Redirecting the request, so it's a POST on another server, would be just less complicated for development.

hwebserver: how to redirect POST request? June 15, 2023, 11:02 a.m.


So using hwebserver I cannot figure out how to redirect a request, so that's received as POST.

What I'm talking is a situation like this:

    # Sending from a server on port 5001    
    @hwebserver.urlHandler(url, is_prefix=True)
    def handler(request):
        return hwebserver.redirect(request, f'{localhost}:5002/')

    # Receiving server is on port 5002 
    @hwebserver.urlHandler(url, is_prefix=True)
    def handler(request):
        # The request method is always GET
        return hwebserver.Response('')

The request received on the server running on the port 5002 is always a GET request. Unless I directly send a POST request.
Can I somehow configure the
so it will be received as a POST on the other server?

Simul8r Project [WIP] March 15, 2023, 5:42 p.m.

Hi all!

So I've been working recently on a personal project that's a web service where you can... do simulations! Yes, simulations in the browser.

And you might ask: Ok, so what it has to do with Houdini? Well currently I'm using Houdini as an engine in the backend for the service.

The app supports only FLIP simulations, but I will keep adding other solvers before the app goes live - hopefuly somewhere around summer.

Will it scale? []