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Guided Ocean Waves avoparation over time March 20, 2021, 3:46 p.m.

Hello folks! I used default shelf Guided Ocean layer tool that provided me with the right set up I needed to recreate the moving vessel. The problem is that the waves coming from the Spectra are evaporating over time in sim becaming less and less pronounced. Why is that happening? I tweaked almost everything and ended up with no solution. Any tips?

Phoenix FD and Houdini? Dec. 8, 2019, 6:09 p.m.

the shelf tools for Phoenix FD produce nicer results with one click than the equivalent Houdini shelf tools.
Indeed. That’s why I want to test render Phoenix in Houdini to compare it more closely
That would be so cool to get an answer from some Houdini pros of how to get similar results with as less efforts and calculation power as possible in Houdini.
Surely people can do extremely realistic fire but mostly it requires billions of voxels and simulation time

Phoenix FD and Houdini? Dec. 8, 2019, 5:09 p.m.

Hi! Is there a way to export Phoenix Fd simulation and open it in Houdini? VDB volume cache is just a box filled with voxels after opening it in Houdini, looks like I do not open it in the right way

By the way really frustrated: There is my sad story - I just had to open .max model and export it as fbx, but before doing so I noticed that there is an old version of Phoenix FD installed on a machine. I tried there a one click default fire simulation. Only 800k voxels and it already looks quite accessible with the default Vray settings when I clicked “render” button.
I was curious to see how would it look like in Houdini with the same amount of voxels and I was so upset seeing this awful ‘fire’ when I rendered it. I don't wanna be a whiner but look - is there a way to get the same quality of a simple fire so fast in Houdini? Please tell if there is. Just look at the attachment - phoenix fire at the left obviously is just looks better with all these details and Houdini fire is simply flat.

For me learning Houdini more than a year and loving it but still being newbie - is not rewarding at after one click option in the other application…