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Vellum Dop, Spawn a few cloth to some points May 31, 2022, 1:41 p.m.


I have dop simulation.
for the time being, I want to spawn new cloth to a few existing points in dops (I know their positions and I need to spawn on those specific point positions) as a new vellum source.

I bring those simulated points back to the sop level, then using "copy to point" and creating vellum cloth from those objects and feeding those to the dop network doesn't work for me.

please help me if you know the way. 🙏

Vellum dop constraint, access to dop object May 27, 2022, 4:10 a.m.


In fact, this is what I'm after:

- Is there a way to constrain vellum grains to a vellum cloth in Dops?
- how can I access dop geometry (other than sopsolver) to make a dynamic constraint?

I would be grateful to get an answer 🙏🏼

Vellum dop constraint, access to dop object May 25, 2022, 6:07 a.m.


I have a vellum cloth inside a dop network and a few points as vellum grains.
I want to attach those points to the vellum object and I use vellum constraint(Attach to Geometry) but I need to fetch the dop object to attach points.
I don't know how to get dop geo inside the Dop network.

thank you very much