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Best Game Art Asset Entries Sept. 30, 2021, 8:33 p.m.


This is a tool to quickly create mountains

Quickly create and modify mountain models
Can be used for white boxes and distant landscapes in the early stage of game design


1. Provides a variety of ways to generate mountains, including points and lines.
2. The shape of the mountain can be modified by controlling some control points.
3.It can be spliced with white boxes of other shapes to form any mountain range.
4.Reusable mountain assets can be generated in a refined manner.

Best Game Art Asset Entries Sept. 30, 2021, 5:49 a.m.


This is a set of frameworks for vegetation distribution in the Unreal editor.

There are 2 purposes:
1. It is a non-destructive process and can participate in large projects.
2. It can be used in the unreal editor for artists who don't have much Houdini experience.


1. Supports growth in heightfield and Mesh at the same time.

Based on heightfield:
Each layer needs to be processed in the editor.
  • Provides a wealth of layer data: including hand-swiped layer, feature layer, noise layer, pattern layer and layer generated by the interaction of mesh and height.
  • Adjust the layer value range: Provides an hda that parses the expression of the layer, and can freely mix each layer.

Based on mesh:
Various types of polygons need to be processed in the editor.At present, the function is relatively simple.It provides the conversion of model data into point or spline data.In the future, it will support the generation of vegetation based on the attributes and texture of the point.

2.An unlimited number of Biome parameter lists.
Each Biome parameter HDA will generate a json file. When you adjust the parameters, the json file will be updated in real time. The advantage of this is that the parameters can be separated from the main Cook program. And it can be processed uniformly through external steps.
When you need to cook, the main program will read all json files and process them in parallel.Because the main program is based on PDG, it is especially suitable for multi-tile processing.
The mutual influence between the parameter lists, each parameter HDA has a unique tag, and the tag can reference and influence each other.

3. The main Cook program HDA.
All arithmetic logic is integrated here.
  • It extracts useful layers and meshes based on all json files.
  • Automatically recognize input type and output type.
  • The properties of the vegetation itself are set, including collisions with each other.

This is a basic vegetation distribution program, which can be easily expanded according to actual needs.

If the vegetation tool can be put into Houdini labs, I am willing to improve the function and continue to provide updates.

Project link(includ HDA,Unreal project) [drive.google.com]


WIP - Biome Tools In Unreal [Game Art] Sept. 28, 2021, 9:11 a.m.

Some features have been updated.

Some layer editing parameters were removed, and a pattern layer and a noise layer were newly added.

At the same time, it can support input spline and staticmesh, these inputs will generate new masks, which are used to generate vegetation.

Now it is possible to grow vegetation on staticmesh and spline, not limited to heightfield.

There is still some work to be done on the vegetation on staticmesh and spline.