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Modular Building Parts Generator (Low Poly) V1.0 Houdini V19.5.752 Oct. 24, 2023, 12:52 p.m.

Thanks for confirming it works.

The whole point is that this node makes modular pieces which can then be composed/joined together into a whole building.

It does work with the LABS Building From Patterns node so you just make a copy of the node for each building part, change it up a bit , then merge them together with transform nodes to create the look you want as seen the example network picture I posted, each red coloured node in that picture is a copy of my node with the options changed in each one to get the building part needed. I tend to make the pieces horizontally for each floor and clone them for upper floors so that horizontal features like ledges etc that need to run across the whole facade automatically line up perfectly on each piece, you can also build vertically if you wish.

Alteratively just plug the output from each copy of the node into a Buildings from patterns definition node and it will make the whole building for you but you still need to design each component module and think about the pattern syntax. There is quite a lot of options built into this node which can create a lot of diverse looks quickly when you get familiar with what all the various options do.

Modular Building Parts Generator (Low Poly) V1.0 Houdini V19.5.752 Oct. 22, 2023, 8:19 p.m.

Ok not a good start. Re-uploaded the HIP and posted the HDA. I an unfortunately unable to post the examples scene because the site rejects the file as too large at 367,025 KB.

Modular Building Parts Generator (Low Poly) V1.0 Houdini V19.5.752 Oct. 22, 2023, 10:22 a.m.

This node creates a wide variety of modular pieces which can be used to make low poly buildings. I wrote this with the forthcoming release of CitySkylines2 in mind so I can produce lots of low poly buildings quickly. It was originally made to work with the LABS Building from Patterns node but will be useful for any other modular systems and can also be used to compose whole individual buildings. Pivot is set to bottom right, facing X positive axis for all pieces.

2 scenes are provided for evaluation, the 1st is the just the basic node itself , the 2nd is a much heavier scene with 7 example buildings included to showcase the possibilities and a rudementary LABS Buildings from Patterns set up to test functionality.

My workflow is to duplicate the master node, rename it and create say a door. Then duplicate a few more times and choose options for windows , corners and roof pieces etc. Then merge the created pieces using simple transforms to compose the building in Houdini. When the whole building design is complete, I then export the whole as an FBX with an auto UV enabled, texture it in substance and then import to say Unreal or whatever game engine you are using. With this system you can very quickly adjust the whole look of your building while still in Houdini and should enable quick iteration until you find the design you are looking for.

The node adds 6 placeholder materials for roof, wall, door, window frame, glass and protrusions. This will produce 6 texture sets in substance or 6 material slots when imported to Unreal.

The individual pieces can of course be exported as individual FBX files and worked up to high poly in a 3d modelling package if required. The geometry used is deliberately very basic with very few complex booleans used so this can be done reasonably quickly. The node has a built in auto UV switch which is set to off by default and should remain so unless you need UVs on the individual piece you are working on.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are gratefully accepted. Written using Houdini version 19.5.752.

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