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Procedural generator of random castles March 24, 2020, 2:10 p.m.

Thanks, Kaloyan! Of course there are some ways to model it. Simple and similar parts (doors, windows, lantern, small roof-corner-towers and other) are premodeled by me and was created separated subnetworks or hdassets with some basic parameters. Some parts (top of towers, roofs, bricked corners, bridges etc.) are subnetworks which use input geometry. Many times and nodes was spent to find points for copy or separate parts of geometry that need for ForEach cycles (there are many diferent ForEach cycles, as far as I remember there are cycles with three or more levels of investment). Some balcons are subnetwork for copy (rounded balcon corner are separated subnetwork) and some are hda which use input geometry (depends on the location and the number of levels). And the base of it is simple LSystem with a rotation angle of 90 degrees and copying to the points of square polygons. and the disadvantage of this is that all angles are 90 degrees! Now I'm working on a new generator in which this shortcoming will not exist.

Procedural generator of random castles Feb. 21, 2020, 12:15 a.m.

If you wanted to pursue this idea further, what I would suggest is to allow the user to pick structural points like “here's the well, here's bad-lands etc” and then “weight” certain parts/elements of the structure set accordingly (i.e. create court-yard, create back-side/kitchen-area etc).

You could also think about allowing for components to be edited, so that, additionally to the “19th century reconstruction style” you are currently building, the tool could do various “styles” (you would need to limit heights and block sizes etc).
These are good ideas, thanks

Procedural generator of random castles Feb. 20, 2020, 2:16 a.m.

It took about 3 months to create.
If someone needs or wants to see how everything is done inside, of course I will post the file here.

The maximum that I completely calculated was 300 modules and this is already very slow for my computer (i5 8265u, 16 GB RAM, integrated video card). Low poly geometry - I can set 10000, but this is not very similar to a castle, but rather to an intergrown city. Of course, this asset can be easily adapted for creating low poly geometry manually and only calculation of everything else will be automatic, but I am not an artist and can not see the whole picture in one part of it, it is more convenient for me when everything is created at once.
I have nothing to do with professional activities in advertising, cinema, or something like that, at the moment it’s a hobby for me, and I’m not so interested in the render itself as creating geometry, but if someone wants to use this asset for themselves, I’m not against it at the mention of my name