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Day 2 | Elements: Wind July 2, 2020, 6:51 p.m.

Day 2 wind. Or rather wind mill model here

Day 1 | Elements: Earth July 1, 2020, 5:29 p.m.

Very quick terrain. Trying to work fast before I second guess my self into working on small details for 5 hours.

All 3 images use the same nodes but have a different low point in the terrain. The initial shape of the mountains is created in normal geometry so I can control them more, the rest is good old height fields.

Start Orientation Picking - not remapable? Dec. 22, 2017, 5:46 a.m.

Today I decided to remap Start Orientation picking to something more comfortable. For some reason whenever I use a non default shortcut I see at the bottom of the viewport “Start orientation picking” but without the snap handles or no reaction at all. I have also tried remapping both and one at a time the 2 “Start orientation picking” shortcuts available. Maybe is there some kind of a hard coded barrier?

All help is appreciated.