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Any rumours of Houdini 19? Oct. 12, 2021, 5:41 p.m.

AMD Radeon ProRender Solaris plugin April 21, 2021, 6:53 a.m.

Hmmm, that's a little bit weird good catch. I was more focused on getting the SSS working.

AMD Radeon ProRender Solaris plugin April 20, 2021, 2:37 p.m.

Just notice that SSS isn't looking the same

That's nice timing for your question about SSS. SSS was implemented for the Full quality only in the latest RPR SDK. But the Houdini plugin was not yet updated to this version. Let me know if this feature is a blocker for you.

I'm in the testing phase, so nothing is necessarily blocking, but I'm expecting to have SSS working at some point if I want to use it in production. The current SSS is based on which research paper?

the documentation is talking about parameters that aren't available anymore
Are you looking at the Houdini plugin docs? If so, could you please point to mismatched information?

In the Houdini plugins docs, there's nothing about the shaders in general, so I look on the uber shader part that is supposed to be for all the version (I guess) : []

Do we have a list that compares the feature available between Full(Legacy) and Full?
I was not able to find something comprehensive, but I found an internal list of issues from unit tests:
* Phong material not working. 
    we have no plan to add this. Lets drop this.

* image filter ( FILTER_BOX , FILTER_TRIANGLE , FILTER_GAUSSIAN ... )  not implemented.
    will add

* same for all post effects / composites.
    we have no plan to add this. Lets drop this

* SSS , Volumetric not working. let me know when implemented on NS side, so I can start the tests on RPR.
    WIP target is 2.02.2

* "transparentbackground" not implemented on NS.
    need to think

* I see several issues around 2 sided materials. especially about emissive. Is it supposed to be implemented on NS ?  I would need to check again binding with RPR.
    this is a bug :  RPRNEXT-665: issues with 2 sided emission materialTO DO 

* MATERIAL_NODE_LOOKUP_UV1  not implemented on NS ?
    will do. probably need to think about better architecture

* Value per vertex not implemented in NS.
    will do. probably need to think about better architecture

* ability to enable or disable mipmap per image not working.  ( not bound to NS )   is it implemented on NS ?
    wont do

* changing Sampler type ( sobol random CMJ )   do we want to expose that in RPR API ?
    no. well switch to pmj targetting 2.02.2

* Ambient occlusion AOV not implemented on NS ?
    will do

* clipping plane not implemented in NS ?
    probably, not hearing much about this from user yet so not high priority

* AOV_OBJECT_GROUP_ID  not implemented in NS ?
    will do

    probably not. lets see users reaction

Thanks for that list. Which place is the best to help drive the choices or priority? (Github, discord, here). A list like that ( or maybe a roadmap will be done on Github?

Also, I noticed something interesting when using a model with bad geometry and SSS; some weird pink sphere appeared using Full(Legacy)
I'm not sure we have to worry about the bad geometry case. But anyway, can you share the bad geometry case? I will take a look

I don't think either but it took me some time to realize the geometry was the problem. Here is the obj file and the hip file. []