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Blood drippings on the wall June 4, 2014, 11:23 a.m.

Hey advaitk8,

I did some Rnd for this fx some month ago with flip.

-Try to play with viscosity of the flip object, something around 1-3.

-2 micro solver could be usefull, surface tension plug in volume velocity input of the flip solver and stick on collision which can be activate on the flip solver node under volume motion/collision.

If you want realistic motion, play with the surface instead of adding force with curves which will make it fake.

good luck.


6/7 weeks in, thoughts using Houdini? May 23, 2014, 2:33 p.m.

or you can define variable i.e. $SHOT (Edit>Aliases And Variables…) and set all of your paths to :
and just change $SHOT variable according to your needs

Hi owlYzarc,

Is it possible to put Hscript in variable ? something like SHOT =“_”)?

6/7 weeks in, thoughts using Houdini? May 23, 2014, 10:17 a.m.

after about a month using H, i can say some UI features are just great and very practical. interface overally feels best out there. Mantra and lighting tools are superb. i was also working with some volumetrics and was surprised how fast i was able to get good looking results that i would never achieve using SI. so far, everything is great and overally i like it a lot for many reasons. BUT when it came to handling larger scenes with lots of objects and external files, this is where i hit the wall real hard this is a point im very anxious to resolve and find a good workflow to make the life easier. very typical scenario is when i have a scene done and want to do some changes to it - load different caches, change camera, save it as a new shot and render it. sounds simple, but unfortunatelly, i havent found any way how to view and edit all the caches or all textures used in the scene, (for example), other than manually search for them, clicking on each object separately and typing a new path for each of them. which is… when you have, say, few hundred entries to change… well, you get the picture saving the scene as a new shot into different folder (bcs we got folder per shot) turned out to be pretty bad idea too and took me another few hours of finding and fixing broken links to external files. im not sure if i just overlooked something, or this kind of tasks require completely different approach in Houdini? anyway, if you guys can share your workflows for this i will appreciate it greatly. also for those who are familiar with SI terminology, how would you substitute for things like External files manager? this are functionalities i miss badly in Houdini and i think it would not be too hard to implement? Data tree is virtually asking for it

Hi cryprosporidium, I'm not really the pipeline guy here and I'm also alone at the moment using houdini, so no tool yet for pipeline stuff, but I can tell you some trick i'm using to update version of cache easily. You can at the /obj level create a null and add some custom parameter(the little gear beside the name of the node in parameter window) on it which you will use to drive cache's version

ie a null obj with param (string type) called version : “v003”
link this channel to the Geometry file param and insert chs expression like `chs(“/obj/null/version”)` in the name.

Or you can use textport with opchange which will act like search and replace. type it in textport to get the help about that.

If you know python, you can write your own script to load latest version of caches…

Hope it help a bit