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UE4 Crashes when using Heightfield Erode Jan. 12, 2018, 9:58 a.m.


Tested your issue with the latest 16.5 but didnt get any crash with a simple HF > HF Noise > HF Erode setup in a HDA.
Heightfield nodes are actually using OpenCL, so it could have been a GPU issue, but looking at your log file, it seems that the erosion went fine and that the crash occurred after creating the Landscape data from the HDA..

There's a few things you can try:

- Like GaryHanna said, you can try adding a Timeshift node after the erosion, and force it to a given frame rather than $F.
This will ensure that the various masks created by the erosion node are not empty/flat and can be imported properly in UE4.
(empty/flat HF masks should just be ignored by Unreal, but I want to make sure there not the cause of your problem)

- Could you try removing the Erosion node and see if a simple HDA with HF > HF Noise > HF Mask Noise also causes you issues?

Digital Asset - Simple Collision Box with Rotation is incorrect Jan. 8, 2018, 11:25 a.m.


As Chris said, this is actually the way the “collision_geo_simple_xxx” attributes are supposed to work.

The simple box attribute will wrap whatever geometry you're feeding it with a simple AABB collider. It's basically doing the same thing as opening the mesh editor, and adding the box collider there. (and the same can be said about the other types of simple colliders kdop, sphere, capsule etc…)

The transform info on your collider cant be used for the simple collider box, as the plug-in doesn't have any knowledge of that box's transform (as its already baked), the plugin mainly reads/gets the data on your display node.

But since you're already providing the box, there is no need for you to use the simple collider attributes, as those are meant to be used as a “shortcut” when you do not have a collider mesh defined in your hda.
In your case, since you already have the collider box created in Houdini, you're better using the “collision_geo” attribute, that will use your exact transformed box mesh for collisions.

UE4 World Composition w/ Houdini Jan. 8, 2018, 10:41 a.m.


Unfortunately, HDA containing tiled landscapes (via the Tile Split nodes) won't work with world composition:

When imported in UE4 via the plugin, they will give you properly sized/placed landscapes, with layers, and thanks to the upper/lower tile overlap parameters Chris mentioned above, without any overlap.
But the World composition system in Unreal only works with image files, and wont accept Landscape Actors.

(our original goal was to try to hook up tiled heightfields directly to World composition, but until it gets some form of update, this wont happen as the system really expect manual user interaction…)

The only solution you have is to bake out the Heightfields to image files via the heightfield output node, using the x_y naming convention expected by Unreal.