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I've been badly cheated. Houdini is a programmer's world. Jan. 31, 2024, 12:48 a.m.

Don’t know if this is on topic, but if SideFX is smart they will incorporate some kind of AI asap, and programming or scripting will be replaced by writing easy to understand prompts, which would make Houdini much more accessible for mere mortals that can’t write code.

That's pretty sad to hear. I wouldn't want SideFX to waste their time and go down this path of development using AI as an assistant inside Houdini.

Over the last 10 years there are already enough tutorials: articles, courses, blogs telling you that it's not that hard, you just need to spend some time to learn the basics, which shows that it's already quite accessible. After all, there are even tools that allow you to beautifully package snippets of code so that it can be reused with.
And I would not call it all programming as it is used now in the usual sense of the word. Real programming is much more complex than what is used in VEX, HScript and what is required of artists.

What is more interesting in my opinion is the possibility to apply AI invisibly to the user where Houdini may not be fast enough at the moment: simulation, rendering, data compression algorithms, improving DashBox's internal search engine, etc. As it was shown in the last H20 presentation that we can use ML for skinning and terrains.

Are there real artists demanding AI coding in Houdini or it's just marketing bs? It's hard for me to imagine how AI coding can solve real problems in real works. I just spent $99 purchased OD Shelftool recently ,it makes my life much easier with those big,nice,beautiful,readable,easily editable thumbnails in asset library/file browser and intuitive drag-and-drop operating.But I feel little bit sad, as a former c4d user and I'm still firing up c4d&blender once in a while, I know this is just how a modern DCC suppose to be.(I tried Solaris' asset library, it SUCKS! by all means).I would appreciate it if SideFx start putting their finger on those basic user experience features ,it will benefit all skill level artists, encourage us firing up Houdini more.

AI there are base functionality in Houdini. If you don't know how to use it or create projects with pytorch, tensorflow it is 100% fine not to use.

Houdini is very technical so some UX can be as a new user very strage. If there are editor functions that doesn't make sense in your view please make a RFE or if there is a houdini meetup near your location get in contact to some houdini artist. Houdini is not easy everyone knows it, it also can be that it doesn't fit in your work process and C4D could be a better solution for you.

Please don't use BS or Sucks... thank you.

Sorry for not knowing such basic things like PyTorch or tensorflow as an artist, and we are NOT talking about the same thing.

Karma XPU (H20) vs Redshift Jan. 30, 2024, 6:10 a.m.

I want to know why the bubble warp example is so slow in karma (about 30 mins). It only takes several minutes in RS.
I found this as well, there is nothing fancy and it's unnecessarily slow.The eagle scene is decently good looking and fast tho.

Karma XPU (H20) vs Redshift Jan. 30, 2024, 6:04 a.m.

I am pretty much a solo guy myself and have been using Solaris for my work for over a year now, and I will never want to use the traditional workflow again.

Could you explain what is the benefit of Solaris for you ? I still can’t perceive it as anything other than the fifth wheel in the car.
What I noticed during my very limited time of using Solaris was how effective it was to separate shot based lighting and render settings.

For two different shots or more, you can create own branch of lighting setups without having to turn on or off camera angle specific lights per shot with very visually easy way.

Just imagining how you navigate and manipulate data with the advantage of nodes system in sop, while you are dealing with prims, cams,lights,materials etc of a scene just like prims, points,vetercies etc of a geo, and what can you do in obj?