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HOUDINI FOUNDATIONS | GDC 2018 EDITION March 19, 2018, 5:40 a.m.

Hi Mr Rmagee congratulation again for you and SidFX.
The big problem is to start in Houdini, I am sorry but what I saw since I started is only the same thing, everybody is very worried to tell that Houdini is procedural and show some things that not help beginners.
Today we have a lot of material for intermediate people but for start in Houdini we have nothing very good until today I recommend John Moncrief because is the only easy way to learn tha I found.
Another big lack is the documentation sincerely it need a very careful attention a lot of people love to read and the documentation need to be more friendly and more artistic whenever is possible.
I Know it is a boring stuff but here in Brazil I am a Computer Graphic teacher but the people is the same around the world a lot of students ask me how start in Houdini and some intermediate user in Maya or other software not understand how transfer their knowledge to Houdini.
An example time ago SideFx put an video about Motion Graphic in Houdini and Entagma was there with a very beautiful stuff… but after that a man that was a teacher in Adobe, Cinema 4d show a very basic how to in Houdini very very basic but a lot o people comment it in Vimeo to ask more to help because a lot of people could understand.
Here in Brazil I teaches people with different age but it is all the same around the world we need in Houdini more KIS “keep it simple” believe me until Mr Rohan Dalvi is hard to start…
It not new but a lot of people want an alternative to Maya an Houdini is the Strongest competitor to win this place but we need some help.
When I start in Maya PLE what help me was “The Art Of May” now we need “The Magic Of Houdini” because today is very difficult to have Houdini for the first 3D package…
Any way thank you again.
Please remember about character animation

HOUDINI FOUNDATIONS | GDC 2018 EDITION March 16, 2018, 1:50 p.m.

Congratulation for this initiative I downloaded this amazing pdf(HOUDINI FOUNDATIONS | GDC 2018 EDITION) and I am reading all articles.
To be honest I never seen a good text like this since I started in Houdini 15 in my opinion if you (SideFX) change your Houdini's help into something like this you will get a lot of new user and a lot of them will be very proud to read the Houdini's help.
I am still a Houdini's Indie user and today I am very closer to Unreal but in new versions of Houdini I want to use Houdini for character animation…I tried it few times ago and the performance is very slow compared with Maya.
It not a big problem because your Mplay is very good but if you can improve it (this slow and change it for real time animation) the experience will be great.
In the future if possible will be very happy to see more tutorials about character rigging from the scratch like Mr Actor showed to us.
But any way thank you very much.
More and more I like SideFX.

Thoughts on Substance Designer? Feb. 9, 2018, 4:50 p.m.

Hi korny Klown2 it is good to see another user in the forum share thinking that will make Houdini more robust
About what you said did you have watched it?
https://vimeo.com/247302953 [vimeo.com]
OK the SideFX can improve Houdini but the world is big… and COPS is great and if you go around you will see that Houdini have a lot of good improvements I think one step for each time is good thing for a company
But kill some important area is not good.
Let's go procedural.