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Is viewport subdivision disabled in Indie? June 22, 2018, 3:05 p.m.

I have the same problem in 16.5.496.
Render subd in Mantra OK but not work in the viewport unless I use sbdivide node.

When can we expect new teaser video's of the next version of Houdini? June 18, 2018, 9:56 a.m.

If Mantra start to use GPU Houdini will won a lot more users.
But to be honest if mantra use a good denoiser and became fast it will be enough
The last improvement… a more responsive viewport to make character animation.

Learning Houdini - Steep Learning Curve May 29, 2018, 6:47 a.m.

Hi Pallotta welcome to Houdini's world.
About to learning Houdini the only thing important here is that Houdini is very flexible and powerful.
What this mean?
In Houdini you can make your own solution like cloth, hair, and a lot of simulation of course exist some made material but the power here is to make what you need.
This power you can translate in to see what happen inside the tools or nodes with a simple click.
You can go deep and deep, but this kind of thinking is different from other packages that try to help you hidden the information or put this information not clear and accessible.
To think here in Houdini at first glance is very strange… but after you start to understand the logic you will get a lot of freedom and probably you will never get back again.
But the world is big and you need to understand your real need in order to acquire your goals, for example Blender for simple stuff is very fast, Maya have dozen of tutorials to help, Modo is very popular to modeling and Houdini give to you power and control.
About your learning path the answer is simple, in order to learn Maya I dedicated my time during several month, the same was to Blender for Houdini it took me the same time, if you really want to learn your effort will be the difference.
Here in SideFX site you will have a lot of material, tutorials and interviews for help and improve your knowledge.
But if you really really need some thing simple to learning… the true is continuing in the 3d package that you think is more comfortable and when is possible to you buying a plugin to it…
But again in Houdini you eventually will make your own solution for your needs this is the beauty about Houdini.
Believe in yourself, make a lot of friends here and welcome to the wizard learning path ;-)

(to help in your journey)—> click here :) [www.sidefx.com]