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problem for render a Maya scene with HDA on a renderfarm Nov. 16, 2017, 6:08 a.m.


I've got a problem when i try to render a Maya scene with HDA on a renderfarm. It shows me this error :
The attribute 'hda_test1.outputObjects.outputGeos.outputParts.outputPartMesh' cannot be connected to ‘hda_test1_0Shape.inMesh’.
This connection exists in the node editor and when I break it, the render works but I lost the HDA animation (just a deformation on a sphere by an animated noise).

Somebody have an idea ? I can't see my HDA in the rendered file.

I use Renderman 19 (Reyes) and Maya 2015. I have exported this HDA with Houdini

Thank you in advance for your answers.