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Make Bake to Prefab variation without having to rename files Feb. 3, 2024, 11:16 a.m.

Sorry to revive this thread

I am having the same issue as Smoluck, and I'd love some way to control the output prefab and mesh name, or at the very least a add prefix to it. Especially because it's quite vulnerable to mistakes when renaming asset manually, not to mention the painful workflow it creates.

I'd prefer not edit the unity plugin itself, as I am not entirely clear how the name is being used in the code, but if that is what it takes . From what I can tell, the name of the prefab is taken from the _assetName property, and the mesh .asset name is taken from the _assetOpName property, but if I edit these, the plugin complains about the names not matching the actual asset, not to mention that these are private properties.

What is the best entry point for overriding the output names in the unity plugin? Alternatively, could we get a simple string field on the HEU_HoudiniAssetRoot object, or even just some way to set it with the HDA itself, similar to the "instance_prefix" or the "unity script" attribute?

Any tips or pointers would be much appreciated!

Can't see curve editor in unity but there is no any errors! April 14, 2021, 2:16 p.m.

Hi Aganztracy, I'm all new at this myself, but very often I find myself forgetting to enable gizmos, which hides the whole curve interface as well

Btw, is it a curve sop in an hda you have authored, or are you adding a new curve object directly in unity?


Missing hierarchy after exporting HDA to Unity April 13, 2021, 11 a.m.

Hi! I'm also running into this

I created a super basic setup with three boxes in which the third box is parented to the second box to test, and box 1 and 2 are parented to a null. One of the boxes also has collision geometry group.

I get similar results as receceasd123 when cooking the node in Unity, where:
1. the master null is duplicated according to how many children there are.
2. the parent/child relationship is ignored, and each box/null is a direct child of the main hda game object.
3. the collision geometry group is imported as separate geometry instead of as collision geometry on the box it belongs to.

Are there any checkboxes I should tick, or something like that, or is this by design?

Any tips or pointers are appreciated Thanks