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How to get absolute path of skeleton chain nodes? HDK c++ May 31, 2016, 1:46 p.m.

one of solution I have is to use:

const GU_Detail* gdp = gd_lock.getGdp();
std::cout << " "   << CSR_h.get(0) << "\n";

to get path of GEO_STD_ATTRIB_CAPT_SKELROOT “pCaptSkelRoot”

and add that to my path

How to get absolute path of skeleton chain nodes? HDK c++ May 31, 2016, 8:15 a.m.

this is what I have
void accessGeometry(OBJ_Node* obj_node, fpreal cook_time){
	OP_Context context(cook_time);
	SOP_Node* sop_node = obj_node->getDisplaySopPtr();
	GU_DetailHandle gd_handle = sop_node->getCookedGeoHandle(context);
	GU_DetailHandleAutoReadLock gd_lock(gd_handle);
	const GU_Detail* gdp = gd_lock.getGdp();
	GEO_AttributeCapturePath paths(gdp);
	std::cout << "Path " << paths.getPath(0) << "\n";
//0 -> 1 -> n

then I am splitting string to get name of chain and then I need to add path of root obj manually
like “/obj/” + name, and what if I have subnetwork or net in net.
and then I was planning to use:

OBJ_Node * obj_nodeBone = OPgetDirector()->findOBJNode(pathOfNode);

Is it there any possibility to have absolute path of capture node or node it self with HDK.
this paths.getPath(0) is giving me just for eg. chain_bone1/cregion regardless if it is in subnet or not. but when I am searching for I need to use absolute path that have eg. /obj/subnet/chain_bone1/cregion


HDK problem - error running hcustom on example file on OS X May 4, 2016, 10:42 a.m.

did you figure out

I have same problem.

I just updated Xcode to 7.3.1 it fixed all my problems