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I'm a Highly experience Vfx supervisor, I have been working in the industry for 12 yeas, and I had been using Houdini since version 8
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arrays in houdini Nov. 11, 2011, 1:15 p.m.

Hi! I want to create a dynamic array to store the nearest points o a point by a given distance(radius), I hava achive to
store the number of points nearest this radius, but I need to stro the spesific point number so I'll be able to import any atribute of this point in the vopsop, I'm not using the neibur or neibur count because is a point cloud, there in no conection at all of any point, so I wonder is there a way to provide an array for storing the nearespoint numbers in every point, my gess is to use python to create that array

the effect I'm trying to do is a propagation of heat(color) in a point cloud, then I use this propagation for emeiting fluid

houdini Crowd Jan. 25, 2010, 11:38 a.m.

thank you so much, I'm going to try it!!!

houdini Crowd Jan. 21, 2010, 3:50 p.m.

inspired by the talented ball project, I'm using houdini to made a crowd, the idea is basically to generate forms from a bunch of people, Gears for example.
I have made it work but maybe there are another solutions to make it better , because I'm running in optimization problems; the simulation is too slow , having just 200 peoples, each frame of the simulation takes about one hour to compute!!!

what Im doing is the following:

first I use 13 different Models , import from a FBX file that has point cache of the geometry, this cache consist urn 6 different cycles (the cycles were made in maya then I exported to FBX with cache), then in the chop network, I trim them, getting 6 animations from each file, I use the Cycle chop to make a cycle of the animation, then I use the Shift Chop to vary the cycle for each person in the simulation, and finally I use a stretch chop to change the velocity.

for placing ,moving and handling the decisions of which model use, cycle, velocity cycle, Hue shift etc. I use a copy shop to copy each model on each particle using stamp functions to communicate the decisions made in pop to the model's chop operator. there is wen the tinges get very slow.

ca some one helpmeet to optimize this cooking proses?,or ther is another way to make th same result?.
I think ha the problem lays in the chop network, because each model have about 2000 points, so it have 2000 curves in the chop network that most be cycled , offseted and streched but maybe is another ting going on!

the .hipnc file is about 150mb , Im trying to stor in a site so you can have a look in that.

Thank you so much!!

the Video is here []

ok Finally the files!!! []

one for hnc one for the cache