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HOUDINI 20 INSTABILITY April 15, 2024, 7:53 a.m.


1. Subnets inside dopnets don't update the viewport properly.
Yes I also notice that just subnet inside subnet don't always update the viewport properly, really annoying..
Or when you change visibility of an object on top of hierarchy it doesn't show up until you select object at this same hierarchy level.
Or when you dive inside an instanced node object and back outside, instance still only with "point visibility" instead the instanced objects. need to move a parameter to force viewport update.

And do you also have this hud viewport bug and this message error when you save scene ?


Layout Asset Gallery : Thumbnail color don't match March 20, 2024, 4:50 a.m.

Hello @robp_sidefx, Ok I do it right now.

Layout Asset Gallery : Thumbnail color don't match March 19, 2024, 1:54 p.m.


I have multiple problems to create good thumbnail with custom scene :
1) First, thumbnail just can't be generated on actual production build H20.0.625 (error message "unable to write image:" and "Failed to create file")
I check all access and all is good but that just don't work. Anyway it works on "last" daily build H20.0.649

2) I want to generate bigger image but can't go up to 256px.
If I set to 512px or 1024px, rendered thumbnail has always clamped to 256px.

3) Now the biggest problem was when trying to render thumbnail with same look as viewport rendering color (karma xpu). Color doesn't match at all.

Can but subtle but still don't match on all variants.
After investigation I notice that in fact thumbnail was rendered and writed in ACEScg but there is no way to set "color correction" in the "asset layout gallery" pane like in viewport.

There is also no way to directly set a good ocio output color profile to match with viewport render.
How can I acheive good thumbnail to just make them true in color ?

I notice that houdini config ocio has not the "Invert ACES 1.0 SDR-video" output space, like in redshift, that allow direct conversion from ACEScg to simple flat sRGB picture (hope that's clear)

This way it would be easy to set this ouput space inside "karmarendersettings -> Image Ouput -> Output Colorspace" parameter.
The only way was in cops with an "ocio_transformview" node inside a "vopvop2filter" node. But this way make all really complicated.

Have you experience in working with usd layout asset gallery ?
How do you face to all this problems ?

cf. sample project file
Thank you