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Best Houdini Utility Entries Sept. 29, 2021, 3:53 p.m.

Hey everyone,
I am proud to present my HDA for this challenge:
Linked Subnets
They are something I would have loved to use in some earlier productions. I extended the functionality of subnetworks which allows you to connect them together and share parameters and the contained nodes.
This greatly reduces the need to copy paste setups within the same scene. After updating one Linked Subnet you are able to copy your changes to other Linked Subnets with the push of a button.
Linked Subnets can be compared to HDAs but you can even use them for very specific node trees that only make sense in one scene without cluttering up your HDA folders.
They are especially useful when you have to create a similar setup for many inputs while keeping it art-directable. Also, you are able to easily add or remove nodes and parameters when it is required while also propagating those changes through your whole node tree.

  1. Copy Nodes and Parameters
  2. Keep individual parameter changes per instance
  3. Art-Directable
  4. Keep individual parameter changes per instance
  5. Python 2 and 3 support


WIP - Linked Subnets [Houdini Utility] Sept. 25, 2021, noon

Thanks Ziboo

As a small update. I've ironed out some minor bugs and was working on a test scene.
In this case I took some spheres and converted them into apples with controls over their color and variation name for scattering.

I also used the linked subnets to layout the cases including their highres, proxies and source points for an rbd sim.

This is rendered using Redshift and the scene will be part of my submission if someone wants to take a look

WIP - Linked Subnets [Houdini Utility] Sept. 23, 2021, 11:06 a.m.


I've updated the HDA with a couple of things.
  • The Parameters are now layed out more nicely.
  • Also added a new button to remove spare parameters from the HDA.
  • The copying of parameters has been reworked completely to now allow for more options (e.g. only overriding default values to keep individual changes that are kept even after pushing new changes).
  • Overall cleanup of the back-end code.
  • Added F1 docs.

Now I am only missing a couple of things
  • Testing on a Python 2 build
  • Demo Scene and Render
  • Demo Video