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Self intersecting FEM - how to avoid it ? Nov. 24, 2017, 7:33 a.m.


I assume you created your scene file in 16.5 - it threw some errors for me (I don't have 16.5). But anyway, if you want to use FEM for this, the most likely problem is that your geometry isn't divided into small enough tets. When you embed the tets geometry (“solidembed” node), the default values are good for starting off, but you often have to change the min/max scale values to match the simulation requirements. Try basing your tets on 1 and then set max to 1.2 and min to 0.2 or something like that - might already solve the problem. You can also try to enlarge the collision geo, but given the slow solving of FEM simulations, my personal preference is to work with original sizes as far as possible.

Also, collisions often appear due to motion that is just too fast, so you may have to increase your substeps to catch all penetrations (but with your image given above I assume you have to tweak the tets size first).

If you do not want to use FEM for this specific simulation (for performance reason) I am sure you could get good results from Houdini's cloth solver (which, as I understand, isn't exactly a FEM solver internally) OR even a PBD (position based dynamics) solver like “grains”.


P.S. / Edit - attached is a frame from a quick “grain” (particle based in this case) solver setup. No intersections. But (as to be expected with a particle based solution) quite hard to control in terms of “haptics”. Dramatically faster than FEM, but still a lot slower than specialized solutions (like syFlex etc).

Gorilla Fur and Cloth Simulation Nov. 19, 2017, 3:26 a.m.

> I Kinda cheated it a bit, I was running very short on time for my submission so I made the collision between the gorilla and his clothes in Ncloth a bit wider and then when I imported into Houdini, I use a guide length node and bend node in hair groom to control the hairs so they would not stick out of the clothes.

… which is a nice way of saying: I did it like a professional does and only delivered those visuals that were required, not stuff that nobody would ever see on screen anyway :-)

Well done!


Cloth's slow speed Nov. 15, 2017, 12:56 p.m.

contacting you directly - the “higher ups” right now aren't too keen on getting the final bits published before release.