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Book about "Becoming a Programmer": Marc Albrecht's "The Jerk's Guide to ..." July 12, 2018, 2 p.m.

Hey Marc, FYI, your Amazon link goes to Amazon's landing page right now, not the book.

Thanks - it seems to be working correctly for me, though …? Maybe you are getting redirected to a different Amazon but .com. The book's ASIN is 1983239305, you should be able to find it by entering either the title or that ASIN into A's search field.


Book about "Becoming a Programmer": Marc Albrecht's "The Jerk's Guide to ..." July 9, 2018, 2:36 a.m.


> How does it work for people who have ZERO ideas about programming or scripting /

… the book was written with people with “zero ideas about programming or scripting” in mind. It is very probably not so much for people who know how to write scripts or who are savvy in one programming language or another.

“Look inside the book” is available on Amazon (click on “look inside” top right corner of the cover image), so you can have a peek and decide for yourself if this is “talking to you”.


AERODYNAMIC CLOTH June 25, 2018, 3:18 a.m.


you don't have to use FEM for cloth-solving in 16.x or before. One workaround always is to use a straight-forward PBD setup (“grains” in Houdini).
If I remember correctly (it's quite some time that I did the research for my “everything you ever wanted to know about cloth simulations” book that I might write one day), Houdini does NOT use FEM if your object does not have any thickness. You *can* use FEM (adding “virtual thickness” to embed the tets), but you don't have to. Meaning: If you *can* use thickness-free objects to drive your simulations, you should automatically be using a hybrid or even plain PBD simulation anyway.
Docs said (again, quoting from memory, don't lynch me if I'm wrong) that you can change the type of simulation by diving into the simulation object and change the respective setting - that did not work for me on some tests but did do something on others. It's worth having a look, me guesses.

I hope any of this is of help!