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Mocap Retarget To FBX RIG? May 19, 2018, 6:55 a.m.


in my experience, the biggest problem with retargeting is taking care of (limb) scaling. If your mocap knots do not match your target knots you are getting all kinds of offset issues. I started writing a tool that tried to compensate for that, but it's not trivial for arbitrary mocap files. So I ended up writing a rig-dependent script that would “simply” convert the mocap data scaling to match the respective rig.

Things like this could be (semi-)automated, but will probably always suffer from vastly varying rigs and data. There is a reason for Motion Builder's existence.

You asked:
So how do the big studios do it?
and, in my world, the best answer to your specific question has been given by Michael Goldfarb: Use the right tool for the job.

I would still like to write a “poor-man's motion builder”, even inside/for Houdini, but my fear is that this would still be a huge task and (paying) users are hard to come by. Today everyone who isn't a “big studio” tends to demand everything for free :-/


Houdni and Substance Painter link? April 8, 2018, 3:26 a.m.

Moin, Tanel,

I assume that your questions can better be answered on the Allegorithmic forums, since this is more of a Houdini forum

This is what I *think*:

> 1. Using this plugin can i texture in Substance and take textures to Houdini and build VFX effect on top of the model while having those textures?

I would guess so. From what I have seen, the “plugin” uses a bridge that grants you access to Painter's “full functionality”. I would think that reading in pre-made textures (images) shouldn't be a problem.

> 2. Is there a plugin also for Houdni and Substance Designer

I haven't heard of it. The bridge used for Painter should, as far as I understand it, basically work for Designer, too, but you probably have to “design” (sorry the pun) the plugin on Houdini side.
Again, as far as I understand, support from users was underwhelming for the guy who developed the Painter-integration, if you aren't going to sponsor him for a Designer version, I have my doubts that he is going to invest into a Designer version …

> 3. Is there similar plugin for Mari and Houdini?

Not that I have heard of, but I have technical doubts about this working in a similar fashion. Part of Mari's “power” comes from its specific viewport that you cannot just “reproduce” in Houdini. If it was possible to “pop in” a Mari viewport into Houdini, this might work to some degree. Since Mari's isn't about painting only but works as a pipeline tool (data management), too, my assumption here is that an integration would be more of a hack like GoZ, not a real integration (where data flow from one application is “docked into” another application). And dealing with huge amounts of data, which Mari has been designed for, would not be fun using a hack like GoZ (exporting, import, natively handle, export, import …)


Euphoria like character physics simulation in Houdini April 5, 2018, 2:46 a.m.


> Is it possible to produce character physics simulation like Morpheme/euphoria in Houdini? Like blending from a
semi ragdoll state to a animation or a character falling down and then getting back up from a ragdoll state?


However, if you are looking for a click-and-be-done-solution, you might get disappointed. You can *develop* things like what you described in Houdini (e.g. by controlling the amount to which points get influenced by simulation or by animation, “blending” from one to the other), but luckily there is no shelf-tool that will get the job done for you pronto.