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Reality Capture Plugin - Open Beta Sept. 17, 2018, 3:04 a.m.

Over this last weekend, I had freed up the time to work on our multi-scale project in Houdini using the RC plugin. Thanks to the hardcoded license (not a fault of SideFX) this was impossible (license expired). I was able to create a new license.txt file using the SDK, but since the plugin uses its own “linker library”, the new SDK DLLs obviously didn't work …

My perspective for the time being is: The plugin opens up a lot of *possible* workflow improvements to my clients, effectively removing the need to write their own RC-replacement (using the SDK) and instead leveraging the power of Houdini. It is *the* foot-in-the-door for Houdini for their workflows. This is not only for photogrammetry, but for laser scanning AND MORE.
With the current licensing system (RC-side) this has now been put to rest. It is a kill-switch-feature: The need to go online for RC WHILE IN PRODUCTION is already a major PITA - the additional danger of having to wait for new hardcoded time-of-death DLLs has set a stop to this branch of the project. There have been talks about a change in the licensing system for RC, but this is muddy water from almost two years ago - and we can only base decisions on facts available at the moment. For the time being, the RC/Houdini solution is too fragile (again, this is *only* and *exclusively* because of the RC licensing problem).

Privately, I will continue to “play around” with the RC-Houdini-bridged power-solution. For my clients it's back to using CLI licenses for RC - dozens of them.

Object Wrangle preview Sept. 8, 2018, 3:35 a.m.

Master Henry,

this is *so* promising. Anyone vaguely familiar with the pains of rigging (even if what you do is only remotely resembling the term) will *immediately* grasp that this (if performance holds up, which it seems to do) “changes the game”. Not by a few nodges only.

I am very much looking forward to the “full package, sold at considerable rebates through a trustworthy site” ;-)


Modeling primarily in Houdini Aug. 24, 2018, 3:10 a.m.

Gee, I have to say … I just had a look at my Cinema4d version and I can tell you for sure that the modeling tools in there are in no way comparable to what Houdini is offering today.
OK, I admit, my C4d version is 1.something and I did only quickly skip through my C4d V2 manual, since I never got to install V2, I may not be up to date.

But wait.

Why should someone developing a tool that is OFFICIALLY being presented as a “work in progress” (look up the term if you are not familiar with it) *know* what exactly some arbitrary other tool is doing? When you are deep in your own project, it is quite uncommon to waste precious time by playing around with neighbor's toys.

Instead of being “underwhelmed” by something that is shown in its EARLY STAGES, why don't you just:
- give constructive feedback like “I would like to be able to do precisely THIS” (not “do it like in xyz”, because for that you can use “xyz”)
- show a demo of what you want to do if you want a copy, demonstrate how it fits into Houdini's “mind” of proceduralism
- explain in what way the tool you want to have would help a large majority of users to become more productive (as opposed to “a single user's wish”)

Yes, I know. This is not how many artists work. Yes, I would love to see “easier” workflows in Houdini all over the place (I struggle hard with nodal workflows, nodal workflows kill every joy of work for me) but I do not expect any developer to just copy something else she does not see any benefit in (for the tool at hand).
EXPLAIN the benefit to the developer. SHOW the productivity gain you would get to management (do a video comparison of a typical workflow in whatever-tool and Houdini). Maybe you get hints from other users at how to BETTER (faster) do it in Houdini?

Sorry for the text-wall. I am currently *underwhelmed* by the type of feedback I see around.