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C4D .obj to Houdini. June 30, 2020, 5:22 a.m.


obj is a file format that “thinks” in unitless values, meaning, there is no fixed “scale” for an OBJ. Within your pipeline, you will usually define your scale anyway (e.g. “1 = 1 m” in the civilized world) and there is no fixed rule for what this unit is.

Some applications are having problems with floating-point accuracy and therefor prefer large values (a human being there would be 180 units in size - which you COULD read as cm, but, see above, that's not defined). If you export from such an application or if your scene scale is huge (simply look at the VALUES you are exporting!), any application that uses - for example - SI as a unit scale will probably import the model over-sized.

If you want to work with grids/volumes/VDB etc, you probably want to keep values within reasonable measures. Again, mainly because of floating-point limitations. Depending on which system you use (libraries etc), you will have a “sweet spot” of values (Bullet for example prefers a value range between 1 and 10 for the most part). Read: You will most likely have to scale on import and export anyway, so setting up a proper pipeline unit makes a lot of sense.

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Well it's finally happening. I have word DIRECT FROM OTOY... June 27, 2020, 3:09 a.m.

What Kays says … some companies are great at big words, but aside from selected “closed beta users' lab experimental show-offs”, their products are having hard times standing up to their claims.

I'll keep my mouth shut about Redshift, but Octane has been on my watch-list for some time now to replace the former. User experience I have read has not been THAT great and I am getting tired of companies promising or “mysteriously hinting at” the next-big-sliced-bread-invention. Actually delivering and actually making people OUTSIDE the “closed beta” laboratories make proper use of their tools would convince me. THAT I have to see.
For both render engines mentioned.


WIP: FBX HD & SD importer, Joints to Bones Converter and Morph-Helper (was: DAZ to Houdini converter) June 25, 2020, 11:08 a.m.

RE: Contact/“Testing”

Please read what I wrote above, I am only and exclusively interested in dealing with real people, not with anonymous avatars via the web. If you don't want to contact me by mail, skype, phone or whatever, at least send me a PM through this forum and give some background about what you do, what experience with rigging and Houdini you have and what exactly you expect from the HDA (let me repeat that I am NOT doing a “DAZ-only” tool here, I am looking into supporting as many FBX rig flavours as I can - I do know, for example, that Blender exports are a nightmare and, typically Blender, not pipeline-friendly in any sense of the word).

Animation Import Support

While this is technically doable and I did have some success with tests, I am not following this road at the moment due to changes in the hosting platform. I am concentrating on supporting parallel deformation (e.g. for high res meshes from DAZ, but also for multi-layer and other types of “special case” workflows), morphs and, hopefully soon, animator-friendly “starting points” (rig-supports).
Material magic is on my list, but since Redshift is a definite no-go and Mantra is a tiny bit on the slow side, I am looking into creating a render-agnostic material-setup system. Lots of experimentation to do there and this is unpaid time, so it may take me several months.