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2 Expression Questions Jan. 4, 2020, 9:43 a.m.

Hey All,
I love using Houdini (Blender transfer) but learning how to use expressions is a serious learning curve. Been working hard, but wow.
I'm curious is someone can help me with two (possibly simple?) expressions? First, I need my pop wind value to be higher the further up in Z space. Basically, I need to control the wind so its higher at higher altitudes. Second, I'm trying to write an expression to randomize the amount of pop torque so that my particle rotations are a bit more randomized. I can just use the the rand expression, but that only maps between 0 and 1. I need to remap those values.
I wont even put what I was trying for my first question for fear of total embarrassment, but here is what I've been trying for the 2nd….


Really appreciate help from the community
All the best,