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Adding shortcut for custom QAction May 2, 2024, 9:52 a.m.

I tried adding a qaction with shortcut into houdini; but the shortcut seems not work:
from PySide2.QtCore import Qt
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QAction
from PySide2.QtGui import QKeySequence

mw = hou.qt.mainWindow()
act = QAction(mw)
act.triggered.connect(lambda: print("hi"))
Houdini get this action, but shortcut(space key) not print "hi".
any help? Thanks!

Vellum constraint issue Oct. 15, 2023, 11:31 p.m.

Hi. I got a problem with vellum constraint settings:
Image Not Found

if i write quite simple vex code in two seperate nodes to control restlength, it works well.
Image Not Found

but if i write same code in one node(just by group selecter in geomwtry wrangle code), the result was different.
Image Not Found

Could someone explain this? thanks very much.
The attached hiplc will point you the preblem.

work item hanging for a long time May 30, 2023, 6:48 a.m.

[18:39:29] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('Local Scheduler: Max Slots=23, Working Dir=F:/Houdini/test',)
[18:39:29] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:False]: prev_2908',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2889',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2890',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2891',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2892',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2893',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2894',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2895',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2896',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2897',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2898',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2899',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2900',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2901',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2902',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2903',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2904',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2905',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2906',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2907',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2909',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2910',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2911',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2912',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2913',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2914',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2915',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2916',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2917',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2918',)
[18:39:31] PDG: (localscheduler1) ('onSchedule [0/23 S:True]: prev_2889',)

hi, i got this log when i using pdg rop fetch work items with scheduler verbose logging, Previously, it was okay.
now it will run for a long time without continuing to next work item and keep printing this information。
Has anyone encountered it before?