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Creating Curve/Curve atlas in hda? Jan. 11, 2021, 9:18 p.m.

I've been looking through the documentation and I haven't found any mention of support for curve atlas or curve support.

but I do see that there is a houdinicolorrampcurve option when creating a curve asset

My materials rely on using curves as a gradient map. Is there a way for houdini to generate these curve assets from an hda?

COPstance - plugin for Houdini Dec. 29, 2020, 3:57 p.m.

any plans on implemented the fluid node in designer?

Houdini Engine for Unreal - Version 2 Dec. 16, 2020, 11:40 p.m.

are there plans to add support for the new 4.26 water system? I'm currently buildng my own geometry in houdini but it would be nice to be able to output the curve that generates the rivers/lakes in unreal.