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SI and Houdini March 5, 2014, 7:13 p.m.

Wow! Thank you, Halfdan.
SI user here. Italy. Milan.
I don't know why, but I feel already at home, here,

While I think Softimage is uncomparable as a daily work in many areas, I always looked with a lot of interest what Houdini was always baking every year.
And I can say I've been always amazed. Sometimes I thought “do they have an army of crazy scientists in there?”.

Of course SI users are often seen as kind of fanatics or snobs regarding other softwares (me too…), but because always found them too stressful to work with, for doing the same things. It's something difficult to understand, from outside, without working a while with SI.
So, I won't abandon Softimage right away, for quite a while, but starting at once tapping the Houdini software.

And this sentence alone:
“This forum will also serve as a place where SI users can tell us how they would like us to improve Houdini, to ease any future transition” is just fresh air.
Even if, of course, can't be any special treatment for SI users nor the right to deserve it, in respect of the Houdini community. But it's cool anyway reading it, since the recent news.

Thank you again!