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Transform any Mesh to complex Lego Geometry (Examples inkl.) June 30, 2022, 3:08 p.m.

- this is not about VEX, but the algorithm

Yes, i don't see how you will be implement that algorithm without at little a minimal knowledge of VEX or Python. I agree with master Tomas, i don't think that part is the most difficult.

-Maybe try in 2d first?
-You will try to place larges and angular pieces first
-Try to look at the "marching cubes" algorithm it will give you a good idea how you could possibly approach the problem...
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Midjourney for FX work June 26, 2022, 3:45 p.m.

Yes i recognizes the other day you name and saw your dragons forest test on midjourney and it's i think one nice example like the other randomly taken .
Yes I do think it's plagiarist when you ask Midjourney to copy the style of one artist , result could look *very* similar and sell it as your work with your name as a NFT or agency..

I quickly burned my first credit charge, i had fun but i get only mildly satisfaction at the end. In something i can't tell i design the mechanism or paint any single pixels, color, light, and have a limited input in the vision.

Anyway, there is will be a before and after for sure... Im still totally shocked by this sudden brutal advancement

Midjourney for FX work June 26, 2022, 7:47 a.m.

I had it too.
It's great for brainstorming, quick prototype ideas. That's will make the job of "creative director" from agency even easier to do their fancy mood board! haha if you need precise modification, im not sure you could get something at the end. It's addidictive, fun, and fascinating, but you could spend days being close but never reaching your target. So you have to take control at some point on the result. Dalle has a less "artistic" oriented output, freaking realistic.

- Im wondering when it will be possible to inpaint the area you don't want so you can make more precise adjustments.

- Im wondering if the algorithm learns from our try , according to the answer we do. Like if you upscale that output, it probably means The result is more accurate. So it's like free information they could use to make their model better.

- More important im puzzled by the copyright question. Midjourney claims to own the copyright of every creation.
How people will try to sell creations like NFT out of this tool?

- On the other hand, according to USA laws i think say their no copyright on IA creation, so..? No do we need a world agreement? We know off course human are not capable to agree on such thing...

- If if use an artist in your prompt and the tool clearly do Plagiarism of the style they have been building and refining all their life, where is the ethic here?

- How long till Disney claim copyright or forbids to learn from their pictures?

- 20$ a month on to to have private prompt, looks very commercial too me...