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Our master's degree curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between your creativity and the ever-evolving world of digital technology. We engage students in a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge software like Houdini and Unreal Engine, providing a deep dive into procedural content generation and structured design. You'll gain hands-on experience in computer graphics production, exploring photogrammetry techniques and the fundamentals of Universal Scene Description, along with a foundational understanding of integrating AI diffusion models within the Houdini environment.

Progressing further into the program, the focus shifts to more complex aspects of digital creation. Our students are encouraged to let their imaginations roam free while creating compelling virtual landscapes using procedural content generation and mastering the Houdini Digital Assets workflow. You'll also delve into the fundamentals of VFX and learn about performance capture and its integration into Houdini using KineFX. Your growing skillset in Houdini and Unreal Engine will be reinforced with an in-depth exploration of their integration, giving you the technical tools to bring your ideas to life.

As the journey continues, the curriculum expands to introduce advanced techniques in crowd animation, as well as pyro and fluid simulation using Houdini. You'll have the opportunity to synthesize Reality Capture, Metahuman, and Houdini to produce sophisticated computer graphics, and further your knowledge of USD's capabilities. This master's degree offers an exciting and fun learning journey, equipping you with the skills to shape the future of digital creation.