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The School of Visual Arts educates over 350 students in our undergraduate program. SVA BFA Animation and Visual Effects students are given the creative and technical skills necessary to begin a successful career in film, television, commercial and video-game production. The department offers studies in 3D computer animation, motion graphics, compositing and visual effects, game design and electronic installation art.

Our faculty are working professionals that include artists from Framestore, Method, the Mill, MPC, Nathan Love, Brainstorm Digital, Molecule VFX and more. SVA Computer Art currently offers multiple courses for Houdini where students are given the tools they need to use the Houdini visual effects toolkit effectively. Areas of focus include: procedural modeling, particles and dynamics, crowd/flocking simulation and procedural landscapes.

The Houdini concepts and techniques covered, such as procedurally-based workflow and rigid body dynamics, demonstrate how to get the most out of this impressive software used in artistic and commercial media productions.