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CG Spectrum was founded on the principle that students learn best through personalized, hands-on education taught by industry professionals who specialize in the discipline they are teaching. By giving students access to the most talented artists in the industry as their mentors, this helps ensure that CG Spectrum students are the best connected, best trained and best prepared for life beyond school in their respective fields.

Learn Houdini FX to harness the raw power of procedural, node-based workflow techniques and create amazing FX simulations in our one-year intensive Advanced Diploma course. From destruction, explosions, water simulation and everything in between this course is designed to take your VFX skills to the next level. Taught by industry professionals who have worked on blockbuster films and AAA video games, you will learn production workflows used by the major studios around the world.

By combining industry artists, a 1-on-1 teaching structure and a customized curriculum, CG Spectrum offers an educational experience like no other school.