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NAD school was founded in 1991 and is one the oldest 3D animation and VFX school in Quebec having trained over 2000 students who now work all around the world. Deeply involved in the Montreal VFX and Game community, students attend many activities like continuous pro-level formations (over 500 persons per year), Visual Effect Society and SIGGRAPH chapter activities and their own professional conference week, ELITE. 

NAD also host MHUG (Montreal Houdini User group) and have weekly conferences and reviews from key talent from local companies. It is clear that NAD boasts the opportunity for students to meet and network with industry specialists.

With over 20 years of expertise in computer imaging, NAD offers a BA in 3D animation and digital design to discover, stimulate, and develop the true potential of students in the context of a real 3D production environment. Their approach is based on three pillars: development of creative potential, use of advanced technologies, the understanding of industry realities. The professors come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds to form a solid and complementary team. 

Houdini Connect

In this Houdini Connect video, we talk to Montreal-based L'École NAD which is celebrating their 26th year. NAD offers programs in Visual Effects and Game Development. Learn more from instructor and industry veteran Robin Tremblay.