Battleship Firing at Ocean in Houdini | Promo

In this course, you will learn how to make famous FX scene in movies battleship firing at ocean using Houdini 18.5

This course contains five parts:

  1. Introduction to pyro tools in Houdini 18.5
  2. Building the scene import and clean the ship and makes the firing and missiles
  3. Create enemy firing and explosions and debris after enemy missiles hits the ship
  4. Create the ocean and the white water and makes many tweaks
  5. Finishing the sense and create the lights and cam and sharers and render paths and composting on adobe after effect 



Hello !I am Birdy , motion graphics / VFX Artist , I have been working on computer graphics field for about 15 years , also i am founder of Birdy Academy which is about teaching different software for motion graphics and visual effects , I focus in industry stander software such as Houdini for fx and cinema 4D for motion graphics and other software, I start from beginner level to intermediate then I combine all this software together in a workflow creating advanced projects

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