In this tutorial I explain the first steps of getting into procedural modeling respecting uv's and other features like curve creation, sweeping, booleans. This tutorial is for beginners, if you already know Houdini, you won't necessarily need this tutorial. There are now four chapters available:

Chapter 01:

  • basics on UI
  • finding yourself on the graphs
  • curve creation, editing and cleaning
  • respecting uv's for meshes procedurally
  • sweeping, booleans, mesh editing, chamfering, and much more
Chapter 02:
  • Organizing our graph
  • Creating a real size room layout
  • Creating cuts for the walls for blending purposes
  • Creating a chamfer for the bottom of the walls
  • Reusing nodes
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Exporting the mesh
Chapter 03:
  • Creating the chamfer for the vaulted ceiling.
  • Bringing windows proceduraly to the scene.
  • Setting up temporary materials.
  • Adjusting UV's to scale.
  • How to use "obj's" outside of other "geo" nodes
  • Understanding tangent normals with the frame node.
Chapter 04:
  • Make a door.
  • Customizing attributes and parameters for our assets.


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