In this online course, the viewer will learn how to create realistic fur or hair from a production standpoint. We will go over how to create guide curves for all lengths of hair. Using different techniques from the short eyelashes to the long mane. You will also learn how to create groups from the skin mesh to grow fur from and how to paint masks and adjust the values using vex code. And if you're not comfortable using the combing tools in Houdini you will also learn how to import guides or curves from another software package to continue grooming.  We'll be starting with the scene basics and learning more technical production aspects like how to transfer hair to an updated model with different topology, shape, or uvs and also how to transfer hair to an animated model. We even look at how to simulate the hair with wind. You'll learn how to set up fur shaders with textures, and how to setup cameras and render with Mantra. This course has been designed for intermediate level.

After viewing this course, you will be able to groom any animal, human or creature, using the same workflow and techniques with confidence.

Course Structure

Chapter 1: Scene and Geometry Set Up

  •  Scene Options
  • Loading Bind Geometry
  • Creating Groups
  • Creating VDB Collision
  • Importing Anim Geo
  • Creating Environment Light

Chapter 2: Guide Groom

  • Creating Body Guides
  • Body Guide Advect
  • Painting Masks
  • Mask Adjustments
  • Guide Masking
  • Importing Guide Curves From Other Software

Chapter 3: Hair Groom

  • Hair Clump
  • Body Fur Filters
  • Face Fur
  • Chin, Ear, Tail And Elbow Hair
  • How To Randomize Thickness
  • Whiskers and Eyelashes
  • Mane

Chapter 4: Rendering

  • Render Cameras
  • Rendering With Mantra
  • Fur Shader Basics
  • Eye Shader
  • Skin Shader
  • Final Fur Shader

Chapter 5: Fur Pipeline

  • Converting Guides and Fur Into Geometry
  • Transferring Fur To Animated Geometry
  • Transferring Hair To New Geometry
  • Combining Hair For Export
  • Simulating Guide Hair
  • Final Render

Sara Hansen

TD Generalist at Ziva Dynamics

Sara Hansen is a 3D generalist and has been working on feature films, tv, and games since 2011. She's worked at studios like Ziva Dynamics, Weta, DNEG, Method Studios, and Hydraulx. Her skills include modeling, texturing, lookdev, lighting, grooming, hair and cloth simulation."I love being a generalist and learning different areas of the pipeline. I'm hoping to share some of the valuable tips that I've learned over the past years with you."


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