Grooming Of Venonat 

In this workshop, FX Artist, Gerard Pasqual from MPC shares his entire process for creating a realistic Venonat [ Pokemon ] groom using Houdini, Hairgen. He begins by explaining how to properly setup making groups of the model. He then create the guides manually. Also, you will learn how to make diferent mask. To conclude, he explain how you can create the final fur, lighting and rendering. If you're looking to create a realistic Venonat / creature or for those seeking useful tips on grooming, this tutorial provide a complete overview of the workflow for creating a realistic animal groom. You can do this tutorial with: Houdini 17.0 17.5 or 18.0

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  • Tutorial:

- Preparing The Model

- Plant Guides P1

- Plant Guides P2

- Mask Tips

- Hairgen Body

- Frizz, Bend and Clump

- Improvement and Second Layer

- General Adjustment

- Test Render

- Hairgen Antenna

- Venonat Texture P1

- Venonat Texture P2

- Look Dev

- Final Render Mantra

- Output

  • Venonat Model
  • Venonat Textures
  • HDRI

Format HD: 1920 x 1080

Duration: 2H


English and Català



Benvinguts el primer tutorial de la història en Català 

by Gerard Pasqual Gill



Welcome to my website. I started with the world of 3D when I was study a grade of animation 3D, video games and interactive environments at Vic Univeristy [ TEKNÓS ] at 2014. When I was finished, I was started studying a Master of special effects and postproduction for cinema in FX Animation for three years. Actually, I'm working for MPC Film in Canada, Montreal

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