In this course, Scott Pagano explores Houdini and shows how to use its massively powerful dynamics system to create a range of simulations. Scott provides an overview of the dynamics context, and moves on to a range of project-based examples that illustrate how to use an array of simulation types. Starting with rigid body dynamics, he explores how to properly prepare geometry for destruction and build a destruction simulation system, as well as how to create a soft body organic dynamic simulation with Wire and Finite Element solvers. He then shows how to wrap up your object destruction system as a Houdini digital asset for use in Maya and CINEMA 4D.

Topics include:

  • Destroying objects with Houdini rigid body dynamics
  • Creating a soft object simulation with Houdini Wire and Finite Element simulations
  • Creating a Houdini digital asset (HDA) destruction system for use in Maya and 4D
  • Using an HDA destruction system in Maya
  • Using an HDA destruction system in CINEMA 4D



Scott Pagano is the creative and production lead of Neither-Field, a boutique animation studio based in Los Angeles. His work fuses an extensive career of design and technical exploration into a myriad of projects for studios, brands, and performers. Specializing in procedural processes, look development, and real-time systems, Pagano works with a wide range of traditional CG tools as well as game engines and interactive platforms, including Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner. Pagano takes inspiration from both natural and man-made worlds to create forward-thinking work while keeping the arc of art history and image-making in mind as he contributes to the evolution of visual culture. The work of Neither-Field can be seen at

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