In this comprehensive stand alone tutorial we will go over how to set up scene-scale clustered pyro simulations and blend them together post-simulation to make it appear as if it is one large simulation. This process will lower simulation time, allow for higher resolutions and be more efficient when saving to disk because there are fewer voxels.

This process will also optimize large scale pyro scenes, so that simulations are only calculated where absolutely necessary and blend them together so that it appears as if it is the same volume.

This tutorial comes with all digital assets, a documented and fully set up file as well as a starter file for following the tutorials along the same as I work through them.

An intermediate tutorial for those looking to speed up their pyro workflow, learn some VEX and create massive sims.

Includes a documented scene file and all digital assets!

Hope to see everyone leveraging these optimizations in the future to create massive simulations and squeeze in those extra few iterations before deadlines!

You can reach me at for questions or comments.


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