Introduction to the Houdini Armoury

There is a lack of Houdini courses for complete beginners, so I set out to build it myself. 

The Houdini Armoury, releasing in early access, is a course for absolute beginners. This is not your regular quick-start guide to Houdini, instead, the goal is to explain the foundations in detail. 

For more information, please watch the course promo as linked above.

Pricing & Membership Reasoning

The price is $15 per year during Early Access. It will increase to $25 per year once out of Early Access.

It is not a regular subscription site - you can download and keep the lessons that are added whilst your membership is active. The reason for membership is that I want to build a sustainable course that I can add to and improve with time.

Early Bird Discount

I have an introductory discount code for you. You can get the course for $10 with the early bird discount code below:

Notes: The discount code is limited to the first 10 buyers, after which the offer will expire. This should (according to Gumroad) also carry over to your next instalment. We won't offer the course at such a low price again - when out of early access the course will be $25 per year, and discounts (once or twice per year) will then be offered at $15 p/y.

The course page explains what the idea behind an 'Armoury' is and how I came up with it. We also have a 'goals' section, describing how you'll help us improve the course by becoming a member.

For more information, please see the course page as linked below:

Free content for beginners.

You can check out our free content on YouTube.  Here is the link to our playlist "Houdini Tutorials for Absolute Beginners":

If you follow us on Gumroad, you'll get a free hotkey list for Houdini. Here is the link to our page:

I'd like to thank everyone for contributing - whether it is by liking, subscribing, retweeting, or by becoming a member of the Armoury.

Thanks again for your support.

Neville - Adams Digital Academy.