With this I am introducing a new project of mine - the railsystem. A VEX based setup to create a procedural Rail for a hanging train. It will be able to use any terrain with a simple curve.

This is the introduction to the first chapter where I create the technical foundation. During this phase I am going to solve the main problems that will occur.

 Future chapters may include...

- detailled modelling

- particle/vellum effects for the moving train

- advanced options to populate the system

- suggested systems by patreons


This course goes into production supported by my Auditorium Patreons. So a big thanks to you guys for supporting the project!

This will be a fieldtest for an idea I had. 

On the one hand it allows me to create an income through my work but I am also able to create content as affordable as possible.

Instead of creating this chapter and selling it I have a tier of patreons that can accompany the process clip by clip. After the chapter is complete the whole 2nd tier and above patreons get access.

For the few that do prefer a download option I probably create an entry on gumroad aswell once the chapter is closed. But in general you will be able to stream the chapter basicly for 3$. 

We will see how this turns out :)

I am looking forward to start with the first clip together with my auditorium patreons. I will keep you all updated on the progress.


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