Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 16.0.561 Remove a lock converting ascii to double. On Linux, this improves the time required to load .obj files. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Fixed performance slowdown when a time-dependent SOP node receives input from a Stash SOP after reloading a HIP file. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 The Remesh SOP has been verbified. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Fixed bug where panning with ortho viewports linked and the SHIFT modifier for more precise control did not work correctly. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Fixed bug where zooming with ortho viewports linked did not respect the SHIFT modifier for more precise control. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 The TIFF library has been updated to 4.0.7. In particular, this adds support for BigTIFF.

Various crashes in COPs with very large files have been fixed.

Houdini 16.0.561 Fixed a recently introduced bug on Linux and Windows where menus, tooltips and dialogs opened past the boundaries of the desktop when running Houdini with the High DPI UI size. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Fixed potential crashes when passing invalid argument types to HOM methods that expect a dictionary (such as hou.hmath.buildTransform()). yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Fixed incorrect dicing and potential crashes with baking when there are multiple UV render objects. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Disabling materials when Shaded Open Curves is enabled no longer causes the curve ribbons to disappear. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Added a hotkey to temporary toggle the state of the "Allow Dropping Nodes on Wires" preference while in the middle of dragging a node. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.561 Fix bug where animated ramp parameters on VEX/VOP related nodes failed to flag their owner node as time dependent. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.558 The dialog script for VOPs now supports syntax for defining custom tags for node inputs and outputs. Eg, inputtag { input_name tag_name tag_value } The tags can be queried thru hou.VopNodeType.inputTags(). Fri. March 24, 2017
Houdini 16.0.558 Fixed a bug where Houdini crashed when trying to scroll the contents of a Key-Value Dictionary parameter using the mouse wheel. Fri. March 24, 2017
Houdini 16.0.558 Fix incorrect IK solutions when the root bone has translations. Fri. March 24, 2017
Houdini 16.0.558 Added a `kwargs` dictionary to the context of the Key-Value Dictionary parameter's Chooser Callback script. The dictionary contains the parameter and its owning node. Fri. March 24, 2017
Houdini 16.0.558 Fixed the bug in stochastic path cutoff where "Cutoff Threshold" was ignored under "Probability" cutoff method. Fri. March 24, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed python error when creating a Simple Blend Constraints with multiple targets. It now creates a proportional one if more than one target is selected. Constraint Networks are now created using a rate driven by an expression. The constraints and generic creation scripts now look for a "chopnet_rate" parameter and will install an expression on it if it is found. This means all the new nodes will also inherit the expression automatically. Also, to fix motion blur issues, a new global animation option has been added. It can be referenced in expressions with $CHOPMOTIONSAMPLES and it acts as a multiplier on the $FPS in the "chopnet_rate" expression. Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Added split support to hou.Pane. It's now possible to minimize/maximize splits and set the split fractions.$ Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Use 'kwargs' for the (before|after) script parameters instead of 'argv'. kwargs['file'] is the file being saved. kwargs['autosave'] is True only if the save is triggered by auto save timer. (for kwargs['success'] is True if the save was successful. Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed bug with moving a wire while zoomed out that prevented changing just the input or output of the wire, and instead only allowed wiring through a node. Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Nested multithreaded foreach SOPs will no longer crash. Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed issue rendering black-boxed HDAa. Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed a bug with Key-Value Dictionary parameters where setting options like the Key column label and Value column label had no effect. Thu. March 23, 2017
Houdini 16.0.557 The OpenGL ROP no longer renders the environment map for env and sky lights in the background. Thu. March 23, 2017
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