80 LEVEL | Procedural Landscape Generation

Posted March 07, 2017

Using Houdini for Landscapes

The new heightfield tech in Houdini 16 is a new toolset that works on its own but still plays great with the rest of Houdini. The basic idea is you generate a 2d heighfield (at whatever size and resolution you want) then manipulate masks and layers of information (masks, height, splat maps) via various nodes. Some of them are common sense for terrain work such as adding noise, generating erosion. Others are more unique to Houdini and show were it’s strength lays (like converting geometry to masks and other fun things but more on that in a bit).

When it comes to working with Houdini I think there are some really neat things and advantages it has over World Machine. Besides the expected various noises and erosion, the speed and control that’s given you is really incredible. .

by Alexander Dracott