Castle Defender VR Released for HTC Vive

Posted July 20, 2017

Castle Defender VR has been released! In this VR “tower defense” game the player must protect their castle from waves of attacking pirates by strategically throwing out knights, archers, bombs, and healing potions. The game gets increasingly difficult as the waves of pirates get bigger and bigger.

You can download Castle Defender VR for HTC Vive here:

How the Game was Developed using Houdini:

Castle Defender VR was developed by several SideFX game interns to explore how Houdini can be used to create procedural assets for VR games. The team of interns built everything inside Houdini, including the characters and animations, and then used Houdini Engine to bring the procedural assets into the Unity game engine. This procedural workflow allowed them to easily use and modify the assets in Unity with maximum control and speed.

To learn more about the development of Castle Defender VR, watch the following videos:


Game Design & Programming - Gabriel Valdivia, Viviana Mora

Art & Animation - Gabriel Valdivia, Joshua Aoki, Som Goswami

Project Advisors - Rob Stauffer, Ben Mears, Judith Crow, Luiz Kruel, Damian Campeanu


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