HEX Episode 1

Posted Feb. 04, 2021

Welcome to Episode 1 of HEX, an ongoing series of interviews with people from the Houdini community - studio artists, indie artists, developers, event organizers - you name it! In this episode...

S1. The Dawning
We recently launched an animated short film called The Dawning. Project lead Fianna Wong speaks with one of the artists from the project, Nikola Damjanov.

S2. Mardini Daily Challenge
We'll tell you about Mardini - the upcoming daily art challenge - and speak with the winner of last year’s Houly challenge, Moeen Sayed, about his experience.

S3. SideFX Snacks
In January we published a Houdini course on creating a chocolate bar. Fianna speaks with the author of that course - Tim van Helsdingen.

S4. Jacob Reynolds
Meet Jacob Reynolds - the Houdini category winner of the Epic MegaJam.

S5. Worldwide HUG updates
Fianna Wong and Paola Catano provide some info on current and upcoming HUG presentations.

S6. Chris Wallis
Ben Mears speaks with Chris Wallis - the winner of the RenderMan Art Challenge.

S7. USD Pipelines
As part of his Illume webinar, Jeff Wagner recently spoke with Blue Sky’s Chris Rydalch about developing a USD pipeline. We’ll end this HEX episode with an excerpt from that interview.


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