HEX Episode 6

Posted July 02, 2021

Tendril | Hublot - We chat with the team from Tendril about their gorgeous work on a new ad campaign for Swiss watchmaker Hublot.

MixTraining - Houdini artist and educator Varomix is back with more useful learning materials.

Houdini HIVE GameDev Workshop - Learn more about the upcoming workshop focused on mastering Houdini Digital Assets for GameDev.

Houdini and Unreal Engine 5 - Meet Japan-based Algorithmic Designer Junichiro Horikawa - learn more about his popular YouTube channel with regular livestreamed learning events, and his thoughts on implementing Houdini with Unreal Engine 5.

R&D Chit Chat - Meet SideFX's first employee (and rendering lead) Mark Elendt - who shares lots of interesting info on the history of SideFX, his thoughts on rendering, and the correct way to pronounce his last name.

Skyscraper Generator - VFX Artist & Educator Debra Isaac chats with sci-fi and architecture enthusiast/artist Teinye Cliscent Horsfall.

Gallery Showcase - We close off this episode with a featured selection of art from the gallery on SideFX.com.

Further Info
Contribute your work to the SideFX Gallery
Mix Training
Houdini HIVE GameDev

Junichiro Horikawa

Teinye Cliscent Horsfall


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