NBA Finals | Panoply

Posted Sept. 21, 2023

In this Houdini Connect you will meet Simon Holmedal and Mark Lindner who will tell you more about their collaboration with ESPN to transform the visual experience of the 2023 NBA Finals. Their goal was to establish a flexible, procedurally-based foundation for the show's visual effects, allowing for adaptable design changes. This involved innovative techniques like manipulating texture coordinates and UV corners to achieve striking iridescence and seamless transitions from silver to gold. Panoply leveraged a PDG Network to efficiently manage information, respond to feedback, and maintain adaptability throughout the creative process, gaining the trust and confidence of ESPN.

Furthermore, Panoply developed a versatile visual aesthetic called "Shimmer," capable of adapting to various shapes, such as the trophy and team logos. This aesthetic seamlessly transitioned from iridescence to silver and ultimately to gold, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the NBA Finals show package.


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    Breathtaking stuff!

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