SideFX Commits to Education with Dramatically Lower Pricing

Posted July 14, 2016

SideFX is pleased to announce new lower pricing for Houdini Education to make it more affordable for schools to choose Houdini and its award winning procedural workflow for their curriculum. The Houdini Education Edition is now available to high schools and instructors for FREE, and to universities, colleges and training centers for $75 USD annually. Schools will also have free access to Houdini Mantra render tokens and Houdini Engine licenses which can be used to open Houdini Digital Assets into apps such as Autodesk® Maya® and Cinema 4D or game editors such as Unity® and Unreal®.

Houdini Education includes all of the features found in the commercial version of Houdini FX and is designed for schools and training centers. At the same time, students can use either the FREE Houdini Apprentice edition or Houdini Indie to develop projects at home, then share scene files with Houdini Education licenses being used in the school computer lab.

We’re very happy this is happening. It means I’ll be able to make Houdini more integral to our current pipeline, primarily in lighting and lookdev, potentially fur, feather and scale work and naturally simulation work - all flowing naturally into our curriculum.

by Ollie Hilbert, The Media Design School (New Zealand)

Ten New Certified Schools

From hundreds of schools teaching Houdini, SideFX is pleased to announce ten new certified schools, effective immediately. We are recognizing these schools for their knowledgeable instructors and for graduating quality Houdini talent into the industry. 

As part of the certified school program, SideFX promotes the schools to the Houdini community, collaborates on new learning materials and supports the schools as they build up a Houdini curriculum. 

In addition to the existing certified schools, Savannah College of Art and Design, FX Animation, Bournemouth University, Brigham Young University, and Lost Boys School of VFX, the ten institutions being added this year include:

When we evaluated Houdini, it showed amazing capabilities well beyond its already renowned strength in simulation/VFX. We met with representatives of SideFX and we were really impressed with their willingness to help us achieve our goal. Since then, Houdini has been deeply integrated inside the VFX curriculum at NAD.

by Robin Tremblay, NAD (Montreal)

Houdini Tutorial Day at SIGGRAPH 2016

All day on Tuesday July 26, 2016, SideFX and Pluralsight will be conducting Houdini tutorial sessions in Room 208B of the Anaheim Convention Center. These sessions are open to anyone at the show and seats will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. Come and learn all about Houdini and walk away with skills you can use forever! Attendees will also get a 60-day Houdini Indie license, and 30 days of access to Pluralsight courses.

You can also find Houdini at Booth #461 on the show floor where we are holding presentations by industry professionals and SideFX production specialists in our theater. You can also grab a free T-shirt (while they last) which celebrates Houdini’s 20th Anniversary.


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