How do I setup a network license server?
  • Commercial customers may purchase floating (networked) licenses.
  • Education customers are issued floating (networked) licenses.
  • Install licenses to a machine that will be a central license server.
  • Point the client machines to the license server.
  • The license server program is called sesinetd and by default, TCP port 1715.

About your Houdini License Server:

  • Refer to system requirements for the server operating system.
  • Use a machine with a high uptime (not rebooted or turned off often).
  • The license server may be a headless system (no graphics).
  • A virtual machine (VM) may be used.
  • Can host your license server in the cloud provided using a VPN and private addressing.
  • Open the firewall ports.
  • Ensure to select the License Server in the installer.

Setup the server and clients:

  1. Download Houdini onto the machine to be the license server.
  2. Install Houdini. Select the License Server component (sesinetd) from the installer.
  3. Launch the License Administrator (hkey) on the server to install licenses.
  4. Download and Install Houdini onto the client computers. License Server component not needed.
  5. Launch the License Administrator on the client machine and point to the license server.