How do I return licenses?
  • Use the License Administrator (hkey) or sesictrl (non-graphical hkey).
  • Returning licenses must be initiated by the computer itself.
  • Licenses cannot be returned from the website.
  • A license may be returned up to 10 times per year.

Returning licenses will release them from the computer name and hardware. They will be placed back into your SideFX licensing account as uninstalled entitlements which can be pulled down from another computer using the License Administrator.

When you return a license, a disable code is calculated and written to your licenses file on the computer.
The disable code is also recorded and added to your account. The License ID is then invalidated.

There are 2 ways to return a license:

License Administrator (hkey):

  1. Start License Administrator.
  2. Select the License.
  3. Right-click and select "Return License".
  4. Enter your email address and the password used for licensing.

CommercialLicense Return

Non-graphical command line tool sesictrl

Once you have the Houdini environment setup in your Terminal, use sesictrl to return the license:

  1. Run sesictrl print-license to get a list of installed licenses (the first column is the License ID).
  2. Run sesictrl return-license License ID to initiate the return.
  3. Enter your email address and password used for licensing.

License Return sesictrl