Help with Dominoes?

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I have been working on a domino project based off this video; []

I basically finished the project itself, however after I constructed the line of dominoes itself at a certain point one of the dominoes continuously fades through another one of the dominoes. I know there is a setting to make houdini “recalculate”, or something like that, any object or node a set number of times, but a) i cant seem to find it, and b) will it work for a curve?

*I attached a copy of my project just in case you have any suggestions or anything.

PS: Although not related to the main topic i want to make an object disappear after its purpose has been fulfilled, so if anyone knows the answer to that too, even though it is not as important, then please tell me

Thanks in advance.

Dominoes ADV3.hipnc (815.7 KB)

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