highly viscous flip fluids "sticky" by default?

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Sorry about digging out this old post but I have a question about this subject.
I wanted to do a flip sim with some blood dripping down the stairs, but having some irregular shape not just a melting uniform blob,
So I've tried to use Jeff's setup that he posted here to have the liquid slide only in some areas.
It was working great to achieve the kind of shapes I was going for but for some reason, after a few frames the FLIP sim goes nuts:

And I have no clue why. I've looked for keyframes or something but I can't find out why it goes berserk.
I'm posting the file if someone can have a look at it, to help find out what's causing the problem.
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blood_stairs_03.gif (2.2 MB)
blood_driping_stairs_explode.hip (2.0 MB)

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