Using V-Ray with Houdini & 3DSMax

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i'm just researching Houdini for the use in my office - Can assets (a fire for instance) be exported to 3dsmax and then re-materialed with V-Ray inside 3dsmax or would i need to buy a separate copy of it for use in Houdini?

Thanks in advance - I hope i was clear
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Hey, Ribano,

I work at Chaos as a QA for V-Ray Houdini.

There's a lengthy page in the V-Ray for 3ds Max documentation regarding this exact topic. Here's the link: []

In short - yes, you can save the simulation to VDB, however keep in mind that V-Ray's volumetric shader currently does not support separate fields for fire color and fire intensity. You may not be able to achieve 100% parity between a Mantra render and V-Ray when rendering a simulation which consist of both fire and smoke.

Hope that helps.
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